Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Matt Elliott "Falling Songs"

Hello....Hola, here we are again....
I'm pretty busy with new bands i'm listening to but i can not start this 2007 year without talking about ...............

Matt Elliott "Falling Songs"

I was surprised with his previous job, that "drinking songs" full of an special enviroment, dense, hard, smoked, ....long songs that involve you since the begining, suffering at the same time with him.
Why this guy comming from drum'n'bass music give up electronic to be recycled as a folk songwritter?? (with a touch of balkan music, as i read in a newspaper) But listening to Matt Elliott last album you follow a dark path through mediterranean see, you stop somewhere in Spain, somewhere in Romania, somewhere in Greece, somewhere in the old Yugoslavia.....and, to add more weird influences, his grandmother was from Estonia. Me, personally, i was quite impresed by "drinking songs" and now with "faling songs" i have placed him in a preferred position. I know he sings mostly sad songs....but maybe i'm a bit masochistic...who knows?
Enjoy it or SUFFER IT.

See you tomorrow.

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