Friday, December 29, 2006


Hey there! Hola! Feliz Año 2007! Happy New Year!

Here we are again, sorry for not writting anything before but December it's been a difficult month. Anyway you can see below an entry i placed 13th Dec with some selections for the best of 2006....

Well here you go some suggestions from the music i have discovered this month.


Just amazing, shining, intimacy, crazy, soft, low, hi.... I was a little bit worry because in last monts i hadnt discovered any band in the way you say..."that sounds really good" I didnt know about this band. I read about it in Rock de Lux magazine Dec06. I downloaded it (yes i did it) and i'm happy since that day ;-)

If you want a reference....sometimes i think of Mercury Rev. But this album "Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain" is just a sample board of everything Mark Linkous can do.

Enjoy it!


Who is that girl? is what i said the first time i read about her...but that girl makes some kind of symphonic folk music. It remembers me a little bit Bjork....a mix with Cocorossie. It is quite relaxing music. It contains 5 songs, shorter 7 mins, and each song is like a lettle or like a tale. I need to find the lyrics because there is something there waiting for us. This album is named "Ys"
See you! Bye for now....
I have to talk about "The long blondes" about "Sybil Vane"....but next time
Have a nice day guys!!
Hasta pronto!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lo mejor de 2006...

Estos son mis votos para la página de

NacionalMejor disco: La buena vida "Vidania"
Mejor grupo: Grupo de Expertos Solynieve
Mejor canción: Sofarojo "en mis sueños"
Mejor concierto: Grupo Salvaje (FIB 06)

InternacionalMejor disco: Manyfingers "Our Worn Shadow"
Mejor grupo: Final Fantasy
Mejor canción: Harlan T.Bobo "Left your door unlocked"
Mejor concierto: Pearl Jam - Madrid

La selección la he hecho un poco deprisa en un descanso en el trabajo, seguro que hay cosas que se me escapan, un años da para mucho. en otra entrada pondré MI LISTA ;-)


Friday, December 01, 2006

Mr.Ward - Ben Kweller - Eskimo Joe

0.- Intro.Here we are again. I'm alive, after one month on vacations playing with koalas & kangaroos, i havent forgotten about my music blog. I have some news from the other part of the world, i have discovered some australian music bands.

I went there in Sydney to the Newtown Festival, something like Benicassim but smaller and many more bizarre people. friends, let's talk about new bands i have listened to last 2 weeks. I will try to post another entry only with Australian Bands, but there are many music to digest.

I have some news about....

1.- Mr.Ward "Post War"
The fifth M. Ward album engages you from the begining. He is a singer-songwritter from Portland (Oregon). Its songs unravel their particular world tales of life, love, and human kindness with an innate and special grace, finding his inspiration in the most essential roots of country, blues, rock, ... can find a lot of shades, textures, feels in his songs, each song is a different word you must go inside and discover it.
He was helped in part by the very talented friends who join him on this record, such as Neko Case and Mike Mogis, as well as old "Monsters Of Folk" touring buddy Jim James. Some people say he is almost like a new Tom Waits, but much less egocentric and more human.

2.- Ben Kweller "Ben Kweller"

This guy from Texas is only 25 years old and this his third album, he is starting to be a master of power pop . He looks more mature in this last job but he does not lose his fresh energy with songs like This Is War, more low songs like Red Eye or Thirteen, or the sunny pop in Sundress, Nothing Happening or I Dont Know Why.
He plays almost all instruments in this album produced by Gil Norton (Pixies)
Take a look into his webpage, it is quite funny and full of information.

3.- Eskimo Joe "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" **** estos son australianos
Black Fingernails, Red Wine is the third album by the Australian band Eskimo Joe, released on the 10 June 2006. This record sounds a little bit "old" but powerfull. This record has many influencies by the the production techniques and sound of early 80's rock, with many similarities to vintage Icehouse and INXS. This has led to Tony Martin (Get This, Triple M), backannouncing their songs by calling them 'INXSkimo Joe'.

Kavyen Temperly explains "I always think of things in a concept-record type of way. So I wanted to make a record as if we were a stadium rock band" "If we were like INXS, what kind of record would I want to write?".

4.- Epilogue.
=> I'm also listening to other bands like:
* Arab Strap with the compilation "Ten Years of Tears"
* Keith Urban "Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing"
* Buddha Bar VIII (Paris/New York)
* Paulina Rubio ("Ni una palabra más" is a cool song to dance and have fun)


By for now...many homework to do....
See you soon.