Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hola a todos! hi to all!
Yesterday i reached my own record: I listened to 4 new albums
Bracken => "We Know About the Need"
We Know About the Need is the debut album from Bracken, the shrouded-in-mystery solo venture from Chris Adams (vocalist and co-sound designer behind Leeds, UK legends Hood).

It’s a blunt introduction. I need to listen a couple of times more but i think this album gives you a cold a real bracken (see photo)

Aerogramme => "My Heart has a wish that you would not go"
This band si more interesting than previous one,....

Craig B gets slow, search for new shades & nuances, he expanding his poetry to 10 songs of Aerogramme last album (scottish band).

La célula durmiente => "Eclectcinismo"
This guy from Cataluña has release an strange album. what the hell is that??? indie rock? punk? pop? or a little bit of everything....first time i listen to...i found some songs good...sometimes it sounds too noisy....i like noise (i love sonic youth) but this guys make sometimes too much noise.

20:30h The good, the bad & the queen => "Kingdom of Doom"

By Damon Albarn....another different project, now with his new band: Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (The Verve) & Tommy Allen. Here there is an event waiting to happen ;-)

It was a hard day....the whole day with my mp3 in my ears.

Friday, February 23, 2007

More news upcoming.....

As usual i have a lot of music to talk about but almost not time to sit in front of the computer to writte. Sorry....

This last entry is regarding a swedish man living in France and singing in english. It is some kind of folk music, low music, tender music....

I know that we start to be a little bit boring about this folk music trend. At least i think there are many people doing almos the same. But i like the music this guy, Peter Von Poehl, makes. It is his first album but it is a mature album, know about what he was doing....not hurries, not acceleration, ....

He makes meticulous and detailed minutes of music, with little arrangements of string & wind ...that never steps one on the other. The melodies come, as he says, from scandinavian christmas songs as main influence.

He has done a bunch of good songs, nice, beautiful, lovely,..... but not baroque.

Listen to "Going to where the tea trees are "
Enjoy it

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How are you my friends? I'm alive....i'm here.... still listening to music. After one month i come back with new suggestions. I'm happy because many people has sent emails to me saying "where are the Jorge's blog news??" and here we are....

Last week i have started to listen to last album Arcade Fire "NEON BIBLE"
After a Funeral (their album debut) it comes a Neon Bible. Please do not forget to visit their website, it is amazing, full of details, corners and places to surf....

And the music is that way, i was thinking how to describe it but i dont know, sorry....

In Rockdelux magazine they say "It is a work where organs & military chorus sound like when you are in the middle of the ocean at night" and what does it mean??.... i dont know but i've got the cd last week and i listen to minimum 4 times per day.

Arcade Fire are Win Butler & Regine Chassagne from Canada. They had a very successfull debut album. They've got to be on the stage with U2, Bjork, why aren't they successfull in SPAIN??? I dont know....sorry ;-)

Enjoy please....and visit as soon as possible: