Friday, December 29, 2006


Hey there! Hola! Feliz Año 2007! Happy New Year!

Here we are again, sorry for not writting anything before but December it's been a difficult month. Anyway you can see below an entry i placed 13th Dec with some selections for the best of 2006....

Well here you go some suggestions from the music i have discovered this month.


Just amazing, shining, intimacy, crazy, soft, low, hi.... I was a little bit worry because in last monts i hadnt discovered any band in the way you say..."that sounds really good" I didnt know about this band. I read about it in Rock de Lux magazine Dec06. I downloaded it (yes i did it) and i'm happy since that day ;-)

If you want a reference....sometimes i think of Mercury Rev. But this album "Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain" is just a sample board of everything Mark Linkous can do.

Enjoy it!


Who is that girl? is what i said the first time i read about her...but that girl makes some kind of symphonic folk music. It remembers me a little bit Bjork....a mix with Cocorossie. It is quite relaxing music. It contains 5 songs, shorter 7 mins, and each song is like a lettle or like a tale. I need to find the lyrics because there is something there waiting for us. This album is named "Ys"
See you! Bye for now....
I have to talk about "The long blondes" about "Sybil Vane"....but next time
Have a nice day guys!!
Hasta pronto!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lo mejor de 2006...

Estos son mis votos para la página de

NacionalMejor disco: La buena vida "Vidania"
Mejor grupo: Grupo de Expertos Solynieve
Mejor canción: Sofarojo "en mis sueños"
Mejor concierto: Grupo Salvaje (FIB 06)

InternacionalMejor disco: Manyfingers "Our Worn Shadow"
Mejor grupo: Final Fantasy
Mejor canción: Harlan T.Bobo "Left your door unlocked"
Mejor concierto: Pearl Jam - Madrid

La selección la he hecho un poco deprisa en un descanso en el trabajo, seguro que hay cosas que se me escapan, un años da para mucho. en otra entrada pondré MI LISTA ;-)


Friday, December 01, 2006

Mr.Ward - Ben Kweller - Eskimo Joe

0.- Intro.Here we are again. I'm alive, after one month on vacations playing with koalas & kangaroos, i havent forgotten about my music blog. I have some news from the other part of the world, i have discovered some australian music bands.

I went there in Sydney to the Newtown Festival, something like Benicassim but smaller and many more bizarre people. friends, let's talk about new bands i have listened to last 2 weeks. I will try to post another entry only with Australian Bands, but there are many music to digest.

I have some news about....

1.- Mr.Ward "Post War"
The fifth M. Ward album engages you from the begining. He is a singer-songwritter from Portland (Oregon). Its songs unravel their particular world tales of life, love, and human kindness with an innate and special grace, finding his inspiration in the most essential roots of country, blues, rock, ... can find a lot of shades, textures, feels in his songs, each song is a different word you must go inside and discover it.
He was helped in part by the very talented friends who join him on this record, such as Neko Case and Mike Mogis, as well as old "Monsters Of Folk" touring buddy Jim James. Some people say he is almost like a new Tom Waits, but much less egocentric and more human.

2.- Ben Kweller "Ben Kweller"

This guy from Texas is only 25 years old and this his third album, he is starting to be a master of power pop . He looks more mature in this last job but he does not lose his fresh energy with songs like This Is War, more low songs like Red Eye or Thirteen, or the sunny pop in Sundress, Nothing Happening or I Dont Know Why.
He plays almost all instruments in this album produced by Gil Norton (Pixies)
Take a look into his webpage, it is quite funny and full of information.

3.- Eskimo Joe "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" **** estos son australianos
Black Fingernails, Red Wine is the third album by the Australian band Eskimo Joe, released on the 10 June 2006. This record sounds a little bit "old" but powerfull. This record has many influencies by the the production techniques and sound of early 80's rock, with many similarities to vintage Icehouse and INXS. This has led to Tony Martin (Get This, Triple M), backannouncing their songs by calling them 'INXSkimo Joe'.

Kavyen Temperly explains "I always think of things in a concept-record type of way. So I wanted to make a record as if we were a stadium rock band" "If we were like INXS, what kind of record would I want to write?".

4.- Epilogue.
=> I'm also listening to other bands like:
* Arab Strap with the compilation "Ten Years of Tears"
* Keith Urban "Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing"
* Buddha Bar VIII (Paris/New York)
* Paulina Rubio ("Ni una palabra más" is a cool song to dance and have fun)


By for now...many homework to do....
See you soon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Many Fingers (Our Worn Shadow)

Nuestra sombra gastada! by Many Fingers (Our Worn Shadow)

It is so exciting to discover music every day, i look for new albums, new bands, new people ... and i always get surprised about the music. That's really good. I had this album in my mp3 since 2 weeks ago and finally i started to listen today coming back home from the weekend....

What's Many Fingers? Many things, many instruments, many instrumental songs, many home made sounds, many people doing great things, many many many....

From the first notes you realize you are listening to something interesting, something to discover in deep. To be honest i have only listened to this cd just once. So we can work together knowing much more about this new band. The band leader is Chris Cole, coming from Movitone & Soeza bands and he has worked a lot with Matt Elliot. He plays many instruments, in this new project most the songs start with piano, guitar & drum but step by step many instruments are added making a lush sound enviroment that takes you to another place, just enjoying what you are listening to.

Chris Cole is from Bristol and you can find more information about this work at:

The CD also contains an interesting DVD.
Something to be appreciated because of the high price of the CDs in Spain.

Have a nice week! Me...i go on vacation for 1 month far away from Madrid.
Keep in touch! and see you soon.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Today we have a new album for a new week, but in fact i'm hooked to the second song of this album.....
Who are we talking about?
Mr Bobo, yes bobo = silly = stupid = naïve...
Harlan T. Bobo releases his first work alone, without Viva L´America Death Ray Music, where he plays as bass guitar. He is from Memphis, and i hope he continues working alone.....he is doing something really good and something you need to discover by yourself....
Anyway just a few words trying to describe it, touches of melancholy, paranoia, loneliness, despair and simple hope coloring every little moment. Hope will do that to you my friends.
"Slowly and deliberately laying everything out in plain sight, Harlan conjetures up an astonishing depth of emotion with exquisite details, perfect production, and a band that can read his mind"
Hasta pronto! See you!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grupo de Expertos Solynieve

De Sting a J ....

Qué emoción!!! qué emoción!!!
No sé en qué mundo vivo, suceden cosas y yo ni me entero. Llevábamos tiempo esperando algo de nuestros queridos Los Planetas.... y hoy de casualidad me he enterado del nuevo proyecto de J. Se ha montado un nuevo grupo "Grupo de Expertos Solynieve" y el lunes 16 sale a la venta el disco "Alegato Meridional". Según lo describen ellos (Manuel Ferrón y Juan Rodríguez, alias J) este disco es un alegato por el sur y el bien vivir.
Tras las primeras escuchas ésto suena a planetas, es verdad que hay matices flamencos, hasta countries, pero.... Como seguidor de los planetas he de decir que me gusta, pero claro creo que no soy objetivo del todo.
De momento deciros que el 25 Octubre a las 23:30h en la sala El Sol tenemos una cita. Gracias a Luis C. que me avisó ;-)
Más info en:

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sting cambia la guitarra por el laud....del siglo XXI al siglo XVI....
Sting changes guitar by lute. "SONGS FROM THE LABYRINTH"

Sting has just released his last music project but .... where is Sting from police? it's been a long while since those old times. Sting keeps learning, a now he has gone back to the past in XVI century, featuring the music of acclaimed Elizabethan songwriter, John Dowland (1563-1626). Also he has joined on this recording by much-admired lutenist Edin Karamazov.
And do you know the record-label? Deutsche Grammophon....that's all folks!!
I know it is quite different from other entries in this blog is music...and it does not matter which one makes you feel confortable.
Try to listen at home, whithout any disturbances.....very nice music for this autumn.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Perry Blake

Hola....Hi there....
Today is monday we feel a little bit worse than yesterday, but always we do have music ....what it makes us feel better for a while.
"The Crying Room" an album released few months ago but i'm still listening to several times. This irish guy released his 4th cd. Less electronic, less arrangements, more piano, more Perry's voice..... just a clasiccal romanticism & elegant pop.....
Enjoy it ....
Also you can find the lyrics here

Friday, October 06, 2006

TAPES 'N TAPES--the loon

Algo me pasa..... Llevo 10 dias sin poder dejar de escuchar a estos chicos de Minesota....

TAPES 'N TAPES--the loon
Suenan a muchas cosas juntas: yolatengo, pavement, violent femmes, pixies y demás bichos raros del indie americano. El resultado final es algo que con cada escucha te gusta más y encuentras más matices. Los ingredientes son los de siempre, voces arrastradas,un cierto aire lo-fi, canciones esqueléticas, arreglos justitos y medidos,guitarras pasadas por una batidora...todo vale si como resultado te salen canciones tan frescas como "insistor" o la descarada "cowbell", y con finales tan buenos como el de "manitoba".
Disfrutemos de estos minutos musicales hasta el final, no sabemos lo que nos depara el futuro inmediato.
En su página hay mucha información, mp3, videos, etc

Final Fantasy - Sofarojo

Aunque parece que estamos un poco vagos pero...aqui estamos dando guerra.
Ahí van dos sugerencias musicales:

Final Fantasy "He poos clouds" (literalmente: él caga nubes, y el nombre del grupo es como el videojuego)
Música muy apropiada para estas fechas casi otoñales: pop de cámara con inspiración clásica, toques barrocos pero siempre con espiritu POP. Canciones como "This lamb sells condos" o "Artic Circle" son sólo un ejemplo de canciones que te gustarán.

Sofarojo "El bote de champú" es una muestra de que en Granada hay más cosas ademas de Los Planetas, Enrique Morente, Los Niños Mutantes, Lori Meyers, etc... también está esta granaino autodidacta que acaba de sacar este disco. Una mezcla de pop/rock/electronica (ya se que es muy generico) pero ha creado un puñado de buenas canciones, algunas de ellas te enganchan casi desde el principio...."en mis sueños".
Te puedes bajar su disco entero:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Aqui comienza el Blog de Jorge

Buenas a todos.....
Aqui comienza el Blog de Jorge, el primero que hago ;-)

A partir de ahora, no os aburrire con mails y mas mail con historias de grupos que haya descubierto.... a partir de hoy 27 de Septiembre de 2006 teneis una pagina con todas las reseñas musicales que vaya creando.

Hello, from now on, you will have a blog (my first Blog) with all the information about new bands i'm discovering day by day. I will mix up english with spanish. It has to be a blog for everybody....
If i improve my arabic i will post some remarks in that languaje as well.

1) My Latest Novel: are an astonishing Scottish five-piece whose gorgeous songs are complemented by violins, xylophones and undulating percussion (see their webpage)
"Wolves" es un collage bizarro compuesto por diez cortes en el que todo está abrazado por una dulce niebla que lo emborracha todo de épica teatralidad. Folk, pop, una pizca de post-rock de ese que no aburre, con toques clásicos y contagiosos cambios de ritmo perfectos para la bocanada de aire fresco en la recta final de cada canción.