Wednesday, January 03, 2007

lo mejor de 2006 - Disco Grande

I almost forget about some lists about "the best of"
While we are waiting for "Disco Grande-Radio3-RNE" 2006 summary (Please Julio!!!)

here you go the list from this is the podium
(you can see some of the bands are as well inside this blog, coincidence?
NOOOO....good music is good music everywhere)

1- M. Ward- Post War ***
2- Matt Elliott.- Failing Songs ***
3- Cat Power.- The Greatest
4- Tom Waits.- Orphans
5- TV On The Radio.- Return To Cookie Mountain
6- Arctic Monkeys.- Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
7- Scott Walker.- The Drift
8- Gnarls Barkley.- ST Elswhere
9- Liars.- Drums Not Dead
10- Camera Obscura.- Let’s Get Out Of This Country ***

Spanish bands (i know sometimes i do forget about spanish bands but...)
1- Bunbury & Vegas.- El Tiempo de las Cerezas
2- 12twelve.- L’Univers
3- Standstill.- Vivalaguerra ***
4- Grupo Salvaje.- Aquí hay Dragones ***
5- Atom Rhumba - Amateur Universes ***
6- Big City – Call An Ambulance
7- El Columpio ASesino.- De Mi Sangre A Tus Cuchillas
8- Antònia Font – Batiscafo Katiuscas
9- Single – Pío Pío
10- Bigott – That Sentimental Sandwich


Anton said...

Amateur Universes es el disco del año, a la altura internacional. Yo creo que no sale más arriba porque ha salido muy tarde.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for writing this.