Friday, December 29, 2006


Hey there! Hola! Feliz Año 2007! Happy New Year!

Here we are again, sorry for not writting anything before but December it's been a difficult month. Anyway you can see below an entry i placed 13th Dec with some selections for the best of 2006....

Well here you go some suggestions from the music i have discovered this month.


Just amazing, shining, intimacy, crazy, soft, low, hi.... I was a little bit worry because in last monts i hadnt discovered any band in the way you say..."that sounds really good" I didnt know about this band. I read about it in Rock de Lux magazine Dec06. I downloaded it (yes i did it) and i'm happy since that day ;-)

If you want a reference....sometimes i think of Mercury Rev. But this album "Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain" is just a sample board of everything Mark Linkous can do.

Enjoy it!


Who is that girl? is what i said the first time i read about her...but that girl makes some kind of symphonic folk music. It remembers me a little bit Bjork....a mix with Cocorossie. It is quite relaxing music. It contains 5 songs, shorter 7 mins, and each song is like a lettle or like a tale. I need to find the lyrics because there is something there waiting for us. This album is named "Ys"
See you! Bye for now....
I have to talk about "The long blondes" about "Sybil Vane"....but next time
Have a nice day guys!!
Hasta pronto!!

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