Friday, January 19, 2007

Nuevo disco de los planetas

Ante los rumores y más rumores del nuevo disco de los Planetas (LA PAZ EN EL ESPACIO)
Añadimos un enlace para que veais una de las ultimas acuaciones de los planetas en Córdona el año pasado.

After a lot of gossips about Los Planetas new album (LA PAZ EN EL ESPACIO) I have added a link with one of the last gigs in Córdoba last year.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Standstill - Sr.Chinarro

Here we go today with 2 veterans, maybe you don’t know about them, but spanish bands are doing great music and spanish people are not aware of that.
ها نحن نجتمع اليوم مع اثنين من المحاربين ، ربما انك لا تعرف الكثير عنهم ، لكن الاسبانيه هي فرق عمل موسيقي كبير والشعب الأسباني لا يدركون ذلك.

So this is a rebuke to me and to YOU as well. We do have to take care of Spanish bands.

STANDSTILL “Vivalaguerra”
They are from Cataluña, they are playing music since 10 years ago, doing great things, with some changes in their stile but what I have discovered with their last album I like. They have arrived in Spanish lyrics, doing a good job, good construction “Romper un silencio así no tiene perdón”…
::: standstill :::
But besides of languages, lyrics, colours, sounds, trends, …this people is looking forward, to the future, and I hope we can follow after this discovering.

By the way they are playing live next 8th Feb 07 in El Sol – Madrid.

SR. CHINARRO "El Mundo Según"

We become accustomed bad with Antonio Luque. Does not matter where he releases an album he does a good job. He amazes us each time he gives us a new album.
I don’t know how to explain it, his last 2 albums look, at the beginning, simple pop songs, nothing else. But that’s quite enough, to get a bunch of good pop songs, but he gets to say always something, to transmit always something to you.
Pop songs with almost perfect chorus, surrealist lyrics and accessible alternative music, without loosing his identity. In this last album goes deep in his Andalusia (he is from Sevilla) roots or he explores new nuances to decorate some songs.

Next gig in Madrid 17th Feb 07 (Galileo)
This sample is not from this album, but at least you can see and listening to something.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Lo mejor de 2006 - II

Tenemos cambio de diseño en nuestro blog, algo mucho más sencillo, en el cual destaque la información frente al continente. Espero que os guste, y por su puesto se aceptan sugerencias y/o comentarios. De paso una pequeña reseña musical.

Ya tenemos la lista de la revista Rock de Lux con lo mejor del año 2006.

Mejor Disco Internacional: JOANNA NEWSOM

Mejor Disco Nacional: SR. CHINARRO (pendiente de incluir crítica)

Y en estos momentos estoy escuchando los discos de:
Sr.Chinarro (bicampeon de RDL, 2005 El Fuego Amigo y 2006 El Mundo Según)
The Divine Comedy (llevan ya muuuuchos años pero este ultimo disco me ha enganchado)
Jarvis Cocker (ex-Pulp, para los menos iniciados, pop adulto)

Hasta pronto.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

lo mejor de 2006 - Disco Grande

I almost forget about some lists about "the best of"
While we are waiting for "Disco Grande-Radio3-RNE" 2006 summary (Please Julio!!!)

here you go the list from this is the podium
(you can see some of the bands are as well inside this blog, coincidence?
NOOOO....good music is good music everywhere)

1- M. Ward- Post War ***
2- Matt Elliott.- Failing Songs ***
3- Cat Power.- The Greatest
4- Tom Waits.- Orphans
5- TV On The Radio.- Return To Cookie Mountain
6- Arctic Monkeys.- Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
7- Scott Walker.- The Drift
8- Gnarls Barkley.- ST Elswhere
9- Liars.- Drums Not Dead
10- Camera Obscura.- Let’s Get Out Of This Country ***

Spanish bands (i know sometimes i do forget about spanish bands but...)
1- Bunbury & Vegas.- El Tiempo de las Cerezas
2- 12twelve.- L’Univers
3- Standstill.- Vivalaguerra ***
4- Grupo Salvaje.- Aquí hay Dragones ***
5- Atom Rhumba - Amateur Universes ***
6- Big City – Call An Ambulance
7- El Columpio ASesino.- De Mi Sangre A Tus Cuchillas
8- Antònia Font – Batiscafo Katiuscas
9- Single – Pío Pío
10- Bigott – That Sentimental Sandwich

Matt Elliott "Falling Songs"

Hello....Hola, here we are again....
I'm pretty busy with new bands i'm listening to but i can not start this 2007 year without talking about ...............

Matt Elliott "Falling Songs"

I was surprised with his previous job, that "drinking songs" full of an special enviroment, dense, hard, smoked, ....long songs that involve you since the begining, suffering at the same time with him.
Why this guy comming from drum'n'bass music give up electronic to be recycled as a folk songwritter?? (with a touch of balkan music, as i read in a newspaper) But listening to Matt Elliott last album you follow a dark path through mediterranean see, you stop somewhere in Spain, somewhere in Romania, somewhere in Greece, somewhere in the old Yugoslavia.....and, to add more weird influences, his grandmother was from Estonia. Me, personally, i was quite impresed by "drinking songs" and now with "faling songs" i have placed him in a preferred position. I know he sings mostly sad songs....but maybe i'm a bit masochistic...who knows?
Enjoy it or SUFFER IT.

See you tomorrow.