Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And finally Rufus arrived, after that great concert in Madrid two years ago I saw him back on the stage with his band (I saw him in Benicassim Festival alone, it was nice but not the best)

I have many things on my mind to tell you about the gig yesterday (6th Nov 2007) in the “Coliseu dos Recreios” in Lisbon. The SHOW was almost 3 hours with a short break of 15 min. The Coliseu was full of people, a lot of people more than last time he played in Lisbon, when he released his first album “Posses”

Now HE was there to present the new album “Release The Stars” and the stage was full of stars, everywhere. When the whole male band and Rufus appeared they were all dressed in striped colourful clothes, with a bizarre mix of colours sometimes. Rufus was dressed in a red & white striped suit full of shining pins all over the suit, butterflies, stars, whatever….with shining rings, shining bracelet, shining necklace…..the other guys in the band were as well with many stars details. The piano full of white stars, the backside covers with a huge american flag, but in white & blue, and shining stars as well. And two big mirror balls, reflecting a lot of shining spots all over the scenario.

And Rufus started to sing “Release the stars” song....….everything was shining and bright.

Before I continue explaining the show I just wanted to give you the 3 phrases of the night (from my point of view)

* I’m a princess without frog…I’m available (At the beginning talk about the visit to the carriages museum in Lisbon, he loved it)
* I’m not the new Mozart….I’m the new Mendelssohn….just kidding (Talking about something it happened to him in Vienna because of his arrogance)
* Give me the introduction….mummy (Almost at the end of the show when his mother played piano and he sung a couple of songs)

1st Act 55 min

He sung most of the last album songs mixing with others, like The Art Teacher, Cigarettes & chocolate, etc. The sound was good, his voice brilliant, and the band great.
His yoga teacher came to help him in one of the songs, and he celebrated his drummer birthday.

2nd Act 55 min

He appeared in an austrian dress, funny dark green shorts and shirt. And he continued singing songs from all albums. But he stopped for the Judy Garland tribute he is doing in this tour. It was great, he alone, only with the piano. He took sometime to sing a irish folk song without microphones, just his voice….and he did it great, everybody was excited with the show. After a few songs he left the stage, and one by one the guys of the band.

3rd Extras / bonus.

He appeared in a white bathrobe (the same as Madrid last gig) and sung a couple of songs alone, playing the piano. Then his mother appeared and she played piano and Rufus sung two more songs, one it was “Over the rainbow” it was amazing. Finally he started to dress like a woman, with high-heeled shoes, shining earrings, black jacket, black hut, etc. And all the guys from the band appeared black suit dresses (the shirts were pink) and they do a cabaret performance quite funny.

Nobody stopped clapping! It was great, amazing, funny, good music, good show, funny people having fun and making us feel a little bit happier.

Thanks RUFUS!

That’s all folks!
See you soon!