Sunday, October 22, 2006

Many Fingers (Our Worn Shadow)

Nuestra sombra gastada! by Many Fingers (Our Worn Shadow)

It is so exciting to discover music every day, i look for new albums, new bands, new people ... and i always get surprised about the music. That's really good. I had this album in my mp3 since 2 weeks ago and finally i started to listen today coming back home from the weekend....

What's Many Fingers? Many things, many instruments, many instrumental songs, many home made sounds, many people doing great things, many many many....

From the first notes you realize you are listening to something interesting, something to discover in deep. To be honest i have only listened to this cd just once. So we can work together knowing much more about this new band. The band leader is Chris Cole, coming from Movitone & Soeza bands and he has worked a lot with Matt Elliot. He plays many instruments, in this new project most the songs start with piano, guitar & drum but step by step many instruments are added making a lush sound enviroment that takes you to another place, just enjoying what you are listening to.

Chris Cole is from Bristol and you can find more information about this work at:

The CD also contains an interesting DVD.
Something to be appreciated because of the high price of the CDs in Spain.

Have a nice week! Me...i go on vacation for 1 month far away from Madrid.
Keep in touch! and see you soon.

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Manuel said...

Boa descoberta!