Friday, March 25, 2011

40 años de 'Disco grande'

Julio Ruiz cumple 40 años haciendo radio musical, aqui teneis una playlist de todos estos años....algo dificil pero interesante resultado.

ENHORABUENA JULIO!*discogrande2011

1971. Bridge over the river ash                                               (Fairport Convention)
1972. I´m just a singer in a rock and roll band                      (The Moody Blues)
1973. Lorilee                                                                                (David Gates)
1974 Sundown                                                                            (Gordon Lightfoot)
1975. Freaks fret                                                                         (Seals & Crofts)
1976. Rose of Cimarron                                                                      (Poco)
1977. White riot                                                                              (The Clash)
1978. Down in the tube station at midnight                                    (The Jam)
1979. Boys keep swinging                                                              (David Bowie)

1980. A forest                                                                                (The Cure)
1981. Jealous guy                                                                         (Roxy Music)
1982. La estatua del jardín botánico                                           (Radio Futura)
1983. Beat it                                                                                   (Michael Jackson)
1984. Shout                                                                                    (Tears for Fears)
1985. Lorelei                                                                                  (The Explorers)
1986. The boy with the thorn in his side                                       (The Smiths)
1987. With or without you                                                                (U2)
1988. Everyday is like a Sunday                                                   (Morrisey)
1989. Born to be sold                                                                   (Transvision Vamp)

1990. I don´t know why I love you                                             (House of Love)
1991. Smells like teen spirit                                                        (Nirvana)
1992. Mi hermana pequeña                                                        (Los Planetas)
1993. Show Girl                                                                          (The Auteurs) 
1994. Up in the sky                                                                       (Oasis)
1995. Bullet proff… I wish I was                                               (Radiohead)
1996. Metronomic underground                                                 (Stereolab)
1997. La pastie de la bourgeoisie                                              (Belle & Sebastian)
1998. Paul the wires from the wall                                           (The Delgados)
1999. Tender                                                                                (Blur)

2000. La belle age                                                                      (Dar Ful Ful)
2001. Qué nos va a pasar                                                           (La Buena Vida)
2002. War on war                                                                       (Wilco)
2003. Seven nation army                                                            (White Stripes)
2004. You´re the storm                                                               (The Cardigans)
2005. El hombre que casi conoció a Michi Panero                 (Nacho Vegas)
2006. Lloyd I´m ready to be heartbroken                                 (Camera Obscura)
2007. Tonight the streets are ours                                            (Richard Hawley)
2008. Anoche (el puñal y la memoria)                        (Christina Rosenvinge)            
2009. Come Monday Night                                                       (Catherine Ireton)

2010. Ready To Start                                                             (Arcade Fire)

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