Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How are you my friends? I'm alive....i'm here.... still listening to music. After one month i come back with new suggestions. I'm happy because many people has sent emails to me saying "where are the Jorge's blog news??" and here we are....

Last week i have started to listen to last album Arcade Fire "NEON BIBLE"
After a Funeral (their album debut) it comes a Neon Bible. Please do not forget to visit their website, it is amazing, full of details, corners and places to surf....

And the music is that way, i was thinking how to describe it but i dont know, sorry....

In Rockdelux magazine they say "It is a work where organs & military chorus sound like when you are in the middle of the ocean at night" and what does it mean??.... i dont know but i've got the cd last week and i listen to minimum 4 times per day.

Arcade Fire are Win Butler & Regine Chassagne from Canada. They had a very successfull debut album. They've got to be on the stage with U2, Bjork, why aren't they successfull in SPAIN??? I dont know....sorry ;-)

Enjoy please....and visit as soon as possible:

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