Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amanda Mair - Doubt => from Sweden

Desde Suecia nos llega está mocosa de apenas 17 años, guapa y sensual.... pero con una voz poderosa, ...

Aunque esta música es de 2011 dará que hablar en 2012, el año pasado lanzó dos singles "HOUSE" y "DOUBT" producidos por Kate Bush. Y este año se espera su album de debut.en primavera....

que ustedes lo disfruten....aqui la canción Doubt

The first single "House" was released on June 8th.
”The 16 (yes, 16)-year-old Mair sounds more like Kate Bush than Kate Bush does on her gorgeous, grown-up debut track" WASHINGTON POST

Amanda followed up with the single "Doubt" in October 2011.
"The singer's new track 'Doubt' is such a subtly fantastic song, so beautifully executed, so immediately moving and so impossible to listen to once without feeling the need to listen to it again and again and again for at least half an hour, that we are going to make it Song Of The Day every single day this week." POPJUSTICE

The debut album is produced by Philip Ekström and will be out in the spring of 2012.

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