Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sufjan Stevens - Lisbon - 31-05-2011 "a cosmic concert"

 Amazing concert what we saw yesterday in Lisbon. I didn’t know how it was a Sufjan Stevens live, but i was very very well impressed. When you realized that his music is catalogued from Indie folk, baroque pop, folk rock, alternative, electronic, to experimental.... IT IS TRUE. He does everything on stage, of course, always with a great band it supports him, and the 2 pretty lady girls singing and dancing, and dancing, and dancing

It was a mystic, cosmic, energetic, bipolar (or tri-polar), cozy, funny, crazy, fluorescent atmosphere...
Once Sufjan was quite singing alone with the guitar or the piano, suddenly he was jumping, singing, playing full of fluorescent elements on stage and all the band´s people dresses in fluorescent way too.... creating a very nice environment.

The end of the gig was a big partty, Chicago music from Illinoise album, with the whole Coliseu dos Recreios full of colorfull balloons...

Congratulations! maybe the best gig fo the year 2011 till now.... 

I think the only problem yesterday was the AUDIENCE, i think the public was not ready for this kind of concert ... but it was a minor problem, the main issue "Sufjan and his music" was great, was excellent...

I will try to find more photos and adding in this post.


Here you go the set list:
1. Seven Swans
2. Too Much
3. Age Of Adz
4. Enchanting Ghost
5. I Walked
6. The Owl and the Tanager
7. Vesuvius
8. Get Real Get Right
9. I Want To Be Well
10. Futile Devices
11. Impossible Soul

12. Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
Casimir Pulaski Day
14. Chicago

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